Don't miss out on my carefully curated mood boards on Pinterest! They are designed to help you better visualize the concepts I have in mind. In case you can't find a specific board, just let me know and I'll be happy to provide you with relevant examples.
What is TFP Photography?
TFP, when it comes to photography, means 'Time for Print' or 'Time for Photos' which translates to a photo session in which both parties - model(s) and the photographer - collaborate and trade services to create content and equally share ownership of the created images!
Conceptual | 2 max
Heaven & Earth
Femme Fatale
Mermaids of Color
Classic Horror
Experimental | 5 max
Light & Bodyscapes
Eyes | Macro
Dancers in The City
Explicit (implied/nude/erotica) | 3 max
Ode to Elmer
Series | 1 max
Moss Covered
Rope in Noire
Nightmare Fuel
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