What is TFP Photography?
TFP, when it comes to photography, means 'Time for Print' or 'Time for Photos' which translates to a photo session in which both parties - model(s) and the photographer - collaborate and trade services to create content and equally share ownership of the created images!
Be sure to add and follow me on Pinterest to see the mood boards I have created to help you visualize what concepts I have in mind. If there aren't boards created yet for a specific concept please feel free to reach out to me after completing the form below and I will be happy to provide you with examples.
Conceptual | 2 max
Heaven & Earth
Femme Fatale
Mermaids of Color
Classic Horror
Experimental | 5 max
Light & Bodyscapes
Eyes | Macro
Dancers in The City
Explicit (implied/nude/erotica) | 3 max
Ode to Elmer

Thank you!
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